Once upon a time there was a country called Wales…

'How often have we seen one of the old colonial territories say, “We’re too poor and too small. Let’s go back to being controlled by mother England.” We’ll tell you how often – never. There are no nation states in existence today who are contemplating whether or not they should be governed by another state.... Continue Reading →

À nous la ville! Traité de municipalisme

'Seeking to overcome the city/region split and overcome the pitfalls posed by the social transformation strategies of "from the top" or "from below", Jonathan Durand Folco provides ways to organize and take action. How to think on the municipal front? How to articulate local, national and international scales from the perspective of a Social Republic... Continue Reading →

Federal England in 2020?

'The political geography of England can be a contentious topic, particularly when it comes to the craft of drawing boundaries on maps. In fact, people can get quite agitated about it, and probably with good reason. But it’s too important to ignore, particularly at a time when the very nature of the UK as a... Continue Reading →

Territorial Constitution

'The domestic Brexit-driven development involves a powerful element of centralisation. While the scale and reach remains in question, especially given the practical realities of marketisation and globalisation, this clearly goes to the heart of the UK constitution in general and the territorial constitution in particular. It cannot be said too often that London stands to... Continue Reading →


'The ‘Brexit surprise’ illustrates the disconnect between London and the rest of the country. One might argue that London is the first of five nations comprising the UK, with it’s own priorities, culture, and orientation to the world. London is where the politics and campaigns of ‘systems change’ are presumed to happen. It’s the source... Continue Reading →

Implications of Devolution for England

'Let me end by pointing out that one aspect of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement might have an external “pull” on the English regions—that is the Strand Three provision for a British-Irish Council (BIC) or Council of the Isles, if it achieves a higher profile. The Council found room not only for Northern Ireland, Scotland,... Continue Reading →

UK Federalist Party

'We recognise the extensive lack of democracy, transparency and accountability within and between the institutions of government and the resulting growing tide of apathy throughout the United Kingdom towards central government in Westminster in particular and politics in general. The rift between ordinary citizens and their political institutions must be closed and the democratic deficit... Continue Reading →

'IP120 Existing centralised structures of governance, such as the EU, should be decentralised to appropriate and effective levels, depending on the issue in hand. International structures and institutions need to be transformed from being nationally-based to being based on confederations of (sub-national) regions or localities. IP121 National governments should be encouraged to decentralise their powers... Continue Reading →

League of the Isles

'Reflecting on the varied politics across the four nations, the progressively sustainable model might well rest along the continuum between a Federation and a League or Union of the Isles in time (i.e. a confederation). In crude terms, the former option has aspects of a safety net deployed with many shared instruments of governance established... Continue Reading →

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